White Circle is  the story of a group of  young adventurers aiming to share their trips, their pictures and living. No matter what activity is a good excuse to travel away and discover new places: skiing, climbing, kayaking, biking or running. Our projects focus on travel experiences, meeting people, unknown places, our unknown...

Kerouac, Kessel, Tesson, Hemingway or Jules Verne  are our inspiration. We travel together or alone but always seeking new experiences. Together we have traveled around the planet, more than 50 countries from more than 10 years. We have always came back with pictures and films to show the expériences. We love it and we cannot slow down. So, this site is a window to you all to have a taste of some of our livings and the future projects. Enjoy!


BAM - A Siberian Ski Journey

Au cours de l'hiver 2016, l'équipe s'est envolée pour les confins des montagnes sibériennes. Après une précédente expédition en Terre de Baffin...     [Suite...]