Sponsors: X-Bionic, Adidas, Dynastar


 Previous adventurs: DeepInBaffin


Activities: Free-rando, Trail running



          Rémi is the team's competitor. He spends most of his time training to get ready for beautiful projects such as Pierre-Menta, timed mountain-crossings of all kinds : on skis, on a bike or on foot ;and of course for extraordinary trips. Although it is often with lightweightskis, a heartrate monitor and a race bib that he plans many of his climbs, his motivation is mainly nourished by the will to play, experience things, and discovery. The mountains of Kyrgyzstan, the slopes of Turkey, the ice of Baffin Island, or the great rivers of North America are projects just like him : at the crossroads of adventure and fun. An ideal partner for expeditions, both trough his physical condition and the quality of his entertaining stories and anecdotes !